Aruma is a Sydney, Australia-based company licensed by the Office of Drug Control for the cultivation, manufacture, and supply of medicinal cannabis.

At Aruma our mission is to improve patient quality of life.

We develop, produce and distribute high quality, standardised cannabinoid-based therapeutics to treat unmet medical needs. We aim to inspire hope and deliver therapeutic benefits for patient’s seeking safe, reliable alternative treatment options where traditional therapies have fallen short.

We offer education and on-going support to healthcare practitioners, providing a simple way to prescribe our range of products and tailor medicinal cannabis therapies to meet individual patient needs.

Quality first, always.

All Aruma medicinal cannabis products are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and pass through a rigorous QA program which includes independent, third-party testing to strict Australian pharmaceutical standards, including Therapeutic Goods (Standard for Medicinal Cannabis) (THO 93) Order 2017.

Research and Innovation

At Aruma, we seek to advance the science behind medicinal cannabis by undertaking and supporting research and development programs into the therapeutic effects of novel cannabinoid formulations and delivery mechanism.

Our company

We are a licensed, independent Australian biopharmaceutical company, driven by a passion for helping others. Quality and patient care are our first priorities, and we continuously seek to develop products and solutions to support positive health outcomes and treat unmet medical needs.


We encourage and reward thought-leadership by empowering our team to be creative and introduce new solutions, methods, and processes.


We are committed to always putting patients and the community first by maintaining and acting with the highest standards of ethics, honesty and respect.


We aim to contribute to the science behind cannabis therapeutics in order to educate medical professionals about the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis.


We strive to reduce the environmental footprint of the cannabis industry by developing and utilising innovative and efficient production methodologies.